General cooking with That Peanut Stuff
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Love a good peanut sauce, I do and so do children. Qld organic roasted peanuts give this very tasty little number a great nutty back bone. Eazy peazy to use as variations of this classic flavour that goes well with any vege/meat/grain combinations. Use as you would tomato sauce, straight on the plate, on vegetables potato’s , rice, eggs.   Marinade. Pour just enough out of the bottle to lightly coat meat. Preferably marinate overnight, tossing occasionally. Fry, or BBQ and serve with extra That Satay Peanut Stuff Dipping sauce, Water down if necessary (using very little water) to desired consistency. serve with spring rolls, yum cha, dumplings, vegetable sticks etc.  A general sauce Use as you would tomato sauce on meats, seafood's, vegetables, beans and lentils,  Peanut satay universal dressing (Click) Asian peanut noodle broth - for noodles meats & vege Add one bottle of That peanut satay stuff to one 400 ml can of coconut milk. Bring to boil and season to taste with fish sauce or salt (for saltiness), lime juice (for acidity) and palm or sugar/brown sugar (for sweetness). Serve with your choice of noodles, meats, tofu, fresh herbs & cabbage/bok choy. Variations on a peanut dressing/sauce Add 1/4 cream to 3/4 satay sauce to make a creamy style sauce To create a more “Asian style satay sauce” variations see side of jar.   To create a spicier sauce add some chilli or “Sambal Use as a stir-fry finishing sauce 1 bottle to 1 to 1.5kg of meat/vege noodle combination, (serves 4)
Chinese Braised beef 0.9 kg gravy beef left whole (undiced) 1-1.5 L water 1 carrot (roughly sliced)  1 stick celery (roughly sliced) 1 onion (roughly sliced) 1/3 cup Black Magic ¼ cup That peanut Satay stuff (Satay sauce) 1 Tblsp Sambal  In large pan place all ingredients, bring to the boil.  turn down to simmer for 3 hours.  Remove beef and roughly slice & pull apart. You can keep beef stock to make Asian beef noodles Place meat in a microwavable dish and cover with cling wrap. Place in fridge awaiting assembly  Salad Toppings 150gm fancy lettuce leaves (mesclun mix) -------------------- 1 continental cucumber, peel ½ length way, split down the middle length ways, remove seeds with spoon, then thinly slice. 1pk snow peas, top & tail, slice into match sticks lengthways. 2 spring onions thinly sliced   Mix all ingredients in bowl.     This dish is a flavourful, textural delight and great to have in your cooking repertoire. All the Mise en place (preparation) can be done in advance then all you have to do is microwave the pancakes and meat and put them together. To make (bings) large springy Chinese pancakes, purchase one of the pictured flat pancake makers from any good electrical retailer. A handy piece of kit. While there are a few elements to this dish, they are simple. If there is too many serves you can store the rest in the fridge and eaten over several meals. These springy velvety  pancakes can also be used for desserts. If you observe how they put these together at the local Bing Boy franchise you will find it much easier to make. Sweet & sour carrots 1 large carrot (cut into matchsticks) 1 Tblsp sugar 3/4 cup white wine vinegar. In a jar dissolve the sugar in vinegar and add carrot. place, covered in the fridge. Should be made several days in advance  to allow the carrot to pickle. Pancakes Makes approximately 12 large-sized pancakes   2.5 cup plain flour6 Tbsp. semolina flour3 cup water6 eggs, lightly beaten Salt ------------ 2 spring onions thinly sliced 6 eggs, lightly beaten    	1.	In a largish bowl, whisk together the first 6 ingredients.  	2.	In a smaller bowl whisk the spring onions & eggs together. 	3.	Follow pancake maker directions to make crepe to make thin crepes. 	4.	When crepe appears cooked, spoon and swirl some of egg on crepe. 	5.	Flip[ using a spatula and scraper. cook for a few seconds then move to a large plate. Repeat this while separating crepes with baking paper.  	6.	When finished wrap with cling wrap  Crunchy, crispy noodles and crackling.  You buy crispy noodles and crackling from an Asian grocer or good supermarket, or make them.  1L safflower/vegetable oil 500 gm thin, yellow, fresh Asian noodles. Separate. 600gm pork rind. Thinly sliced   Heat oil in a pan or deep fryer 160c and carefully place separated noodle into oil and deep fry on low till crisp & brown. Place on absorbent paper to cool do the same with the pork rind. When crackling has cooled chop into small pieces. Mix noodles and cracking together. Place in bowl.   Spicy Satay, Black magic Sauce 1/2 Bottle That peanut satay stuff 1/4 bottle Black Magic 1 Tblspn Sambal  Oz Mix together Jian Bing (Chinese Breakfast Crepes)  With braised beef. (Bing Boy style). Using Mikes premium. That Peanut Satay Stuff, Black Magic & Sambal Oz  Assembly. Fill crepes as you would a using a burrito fold. On the top half of the pancake place mescun salad, cucumber salad, sweet & sour carrots, crunchy noodles & cracking mix, then meat then lastly spicy satay black magic sauce soy sauce. Fold bottom in then sides.  Enjoy.
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