Sambal oz is made up of  all Ozzie ingredients. It is of medium heat & sweetness. it s fruity, clean, fresh & testy. It can be described as a cross breed of Sambal with a red Thai curry paste. It is excellent used straight as a drizzle sauce or flicked into various recipe’s and cooked in Use as a table condiment Serve Sambal Oz with the salt and pepper to drizzle over any dish to add a fresh, clean, spicy fruity wow flavour profile. Serve with cheese and fruit combinations and great with sushi & sashimi Make a sandwich or roll with cream cheese, prawns, salad and Sambal Oz  Drizzled on pizza creates a big, complex but balanced Thai/Italian flavour fusion—addictive Add a little or lot to meat balls, soups, sauces, pasta and dips. Adds authentic flavours many Asian dishes  Cook in, or serve over your favourite meats, seafood’s & vegetable combinations. Garnish with the freshly torn basil and a few finely sliced mint leaves. Serve with plain Greek yoghurt. Sambal stir-fry (click) Red curry sauce.  Add 1.5 - 3 Tblspn of Sambal Oz to 375 ml coconut cream and THE chopped roots from 1 bunch of coriander. Bring to boil and season to taste with fish sauce (for saltiness), lime juice (for acidity) and palm or sugar/brown sugar (for sweetness). Serve  Thai marinade (5/10 heat) Add 1/4 jar to 3/4 cup of oil  optionally add 1/4 cup fish sauce or 2 tspn salt. You can add some chopped coriander leaves & roots.  Basil leaves also can be used. Add to 600gm of prawns, chicken beef or lamb and marinade for at least two hours to overnight. Strain & reduce marinade to a, knappable over a spoon consistency. For best results cook on Char-grill/bars on the BBQ and baste till cooked to liking. Serve Thai universal (salad, vegetebale & crusty bread sop) dressing(Click) Serve on Asian salad mix ( iceberg lettuce, bean shoots, bay spinach leaves, thin slices of celery, snow peas, sliced spring onion, basil leaves. Optional- sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds or chopped roasted peanuts for an authentic nutty flavour profile.   Spicy Prawn Laksa (click)  Spicy Thai butter (click) 40gm/2-3 Tblspn Sambal Oz to 250 gm of softened butter. You can simply mix the  softened butter & Sambal Oz or better still whip the butter up in a mixer and add the Sambal Oz. Put in container with lid or roll up in cling wrap. Optional, add a little fresh sping onion and/or coriander leaves   Use for Thai chilli bread, on steaks, chicken or veggies etc. Hot & Sour soup (click) Pad Thai (click)
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