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Sambal olek, essentially is vinegar pickled chilli flakes. Different additional ingredients are added according to the many local cuisines of Asia. Sambal Oz is my red Thai curry version and perfect for making quick Sambal prawns, beef pork, vegetables, tofu, lamb etc. The recipe below is made with stir-fry lamb. Ask your  local butcher to cut your choice of meat for the wok & s fry pan. Just a tip - in my opinion, domestic cook-tops with wok burners don’t really don’t produce enough heat for good stir-fry cooking, they just don’t seal meats and vegetable fast enough and tend to stew rather her than seal. The ones the Chinese restaurants use are like jet engines. I’d rather use and electric fry pan on full, I get better results.
Sambal meat or seafood Serves 3 - 4 600 gm of stirfry meat or seafood  Stir-fry sauce 1/3 jar/65 gm Sambal Oz 1/2 300 gm bottle Black Magic ketchup manis or oyster sauce 1Tbls fish sauce oil for frying 1 large onion(thin length wise slices) 2 spring onion(sliced) coriander leaves(optional) Method 1. Mix the first four ingredients to make finishing sauce 2. Bring meat/seafood to room temperature for 1/2 hour. 3. Make sure  little oil is very hot in the wok/fry pan 4. Seal and cook meat/seal food a little at a time, being careful not to over crowd and cool the pan down to avoid stewing of meat/seafood. 5. When nearly cooked pour in stir-fry sauce and onions. Stir till cooked. 6. Serve Serve with pilaf rice( absorption method on pack) and salad of ice-burg lettuce heart, cucumber slices and plain Greek yoghurt and a lime wedge.
Sambal lamb
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Sambal Oz
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