Sambal Oz is made up of  all Ozzie ingredients. It is spicy, fruity, clean, fresh & testy. It can be described as a cross breed of Sambal with a red Thai curry paste. It is excellent used straight as a drizzle sauce or cooked various recipe’s 
Greek style is a strong garlic and fresh herb flavour base, very versatile. I could easily extend this one,  but like the rest of our products we don’t unduly extend them, so our flavours are real, unadulterated flavour.  
Love a good peanut sauce, I do and so do children. Qld roasted peanuts give this very tasty little number a great nutty Malaysian back bone. Eazy peazy to use this classic flavour that goes well with any vege/meat/noodle combinations. In 2018 this product will be reformulated to remove the allergen peanut from its ingredients to a Yellow curry base/Satay marinade/Peanut sauce base; to which you can whisk in your own peanuts/peanut paste to make an Asian peanut sauce.
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Red Toga is my other brand and is based on a less strict ingredient criteria that can’t reach the high standards set down in the Mike’s Premium ingredients standard. But I like this one a lot so I had to make it. It is a “spiced, tangy sweet soy” (ketjap manis). Black Magic contains 30% imported soy sauce that aren’t available from Ozzie source.  It does however contain 70% Australian  & fresh ingredients. Standard ANZFA labelling applies. I n 2018 this product will be reformulated to remove the allergen soy sauce from its ingredients to be placed with an organic coconut amino sauce and Aussie molasses. Then this product will achieve the Mikes Premium standard of at least 98% Aussie and organic ingredients.  
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Sambal Oz
Greek Oz
That Peanut Satay
Black Magic
An American styled pepper sauce but made of all Aussie ingredients. A perfect flavour enhancer for any savoury food. Fresh, clean, spicy with a defined smoking camp-fire back bone.
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