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Kale cordial Good liver de-toxing is an ongoing maintenance practice, not an every once in a while practice. I used to juice greens for maintain a good chlorophyll intake, too much waste & cost.  Lately we have making a whole green cordial. This is a cost effective & efficient way of increasing your raw vegetable and greens intake up.. Here is my latest recipe which will last for a few days in the fridge and make many drinks. Ingredients 1 bunch or kale, (roughly chopped) 2 lemons, whole, peeled.  Adds an acidity  for flavour. Aids preservation. ¾ cup of honey. Adds a sweetness for flavour Aids preservation. 1 continental cucumber 2 sticks of celery Method 1. In a blender shove the first 3 ingredients and start blender (with lid on) while pushing down, through lid hole, with celery sticks and cucumber. You will end up with a thick puree. 2. Fill ½ a glass with the green puree and ½ with good water. Scull. While this drink is not the tastiest, it is very good for your liver & skin. Liver health is a must. Drink 2 or 3  time a day till finished. Try this every 1 or 2 weeks, your body will love you for it.  
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