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   I have made many a commercial recipe for various household brands since 2000. My two brands - Mikes Premium & Red Toga is how I like to cook at home when I don't want to start from scratch. Instant flavour (bases) that is added to cooking or  drizzled over food or plate. I try to do thing’s differently to many commercial food processors. 1. Firstly, I don't use the cheapest international ingredients, arguably riskier ingredients these days. I use the best ingredients, commercially possible.  Australian fresh seasonal produce and certified organic ingredients. 2. Secondly, I actually show you on my "innovative ingredients list" where, as far as practicable, the ingredients come from, and whether they organic. You know what food systems you are supporting, more importantly that you are eating safer foods in the bigger processed food scheme of things. Feel good, better foods. 3. Thirdly, we don't use fillers to extend our foods. I try not to formularize my products to a price by adding more water, sugar, vinegar, modified starch thickeners and emulsifiers. What you get is full flavoured favour bases that go along way and very clear, full flavour profiles. Concentrates if you like. So despite the higher price of our products, our foods are good value, go along way & make good sense. The Red Toga brand was created when I could not get ingredients that slot into Mike's Premium stricter ingredient selection criteria. There are some ingredients that are not produced in Australia or available in organic commercial qualities. However, the Red Toga brand does use as much Australian ingredients as possible. Standard legal labelling applied to Red Toga. Mike Penning urban foodie, chef, food technology, nutrition  
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