Makes 10 -15 large yiros/kebab - or plenty of left overs for days to come Ingredients 1x 2 - 2.5kg  leg of lamb (de boned, butterfly) 1x                 jar Mikes Premium Greek Oz 3tsp              cinnamon, organic (optional) 1x                 iceberg lettuce(shredded) 50g               roquette salad 1-2 bunches parsley (roughly chopped) 3x                 tomatoes (sliced thinly) 1-2               Spanish onion 1 kg              plain Greek yoghurt 1/2 bulb        celeriac (sliced to julienne, matchstick size) Procedure 1. Get a jar of Greek Oz and mix in 3 tsp of cinnamon powder. 2. In a tray rub the marinade into the leg of lamb, fat side up then wrap in plastic wrap. Place in fridge overnight 3. Next day take out of fridge1.5 hours before cooking, to reach room temperature 4. Pre heat hooded BBQ, drop to medium flame 5. Sear fat side first for 10 minutes, while basting topside with marinade left in tray. 6. Turn over and bast top. 7. Place hood down and bake for 10min more. check for prefered cooked state. Rare to medium to well done the choice is your. You can cut the meat in half if you want different cooked levels. You can also cut into flesh with a small knife to check how cooked the meat is. 8. Take off heat and allow to rest for 10 minutes then thinly slice and assemble yiros or serve on plates 9. Serve with Sambal Oz for an even bigger spicier flavour profile
 40g  black olive, chopped 100g feta cheese, crumbled 100g smooth cottage or cream cheese 1/2 Spanish onion, finely diced 2 Tlbspn Greek Oz 8 Tlbspn Olive oil crusty bread/corn-chips/crackers Method 1. Mix the first four ingredients thoroughly. Get small bowl as the cheese mould and line it with cling wrap then force the cheese mixture into it. Place in fridge till needed. 2. in a small bowl mix the 1 part Greek Oz with the 4 parts olive oil 3. When needed unwrap the top of the moulded cheese and plce the moulded cheese on a serving plat. 4. top with the olive oil mixture and serve with crusty bread/corn- chips/crackers
1/4 jar Greek Oz 200 ml of olive oil crusty bread Method 1. Mix Greek Oz and olive oil together and pour on plate. Serve with fresh crusty bread
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