Greek style is simply a strong garlic and fresh herb flavour base, very versatile. Lots of flavour in this jar. I could easily extend this one into three jars but like the rest of our products we don’t unduly extend them, so our flavours are flavour. Add to food and adjust salt seasoning Perfect marinade It is oil based, not sugar based so you're vegies, seafood or meat will not stick and burn to the bars or the hot plate and there is no need to oil the BBQ. Fantastic with any lamb dish.   Stir fry Yiros/ kebab Expect astounding results on the BBQ. 1 jar will marinade 2kg of lamb, beef or chicken. Add 1 Tblspn of cinnamon or kofta spices per kg of meat for an earthy    Middle Eastern flavour. Add up to 2 tspn salt per kg of meat if you want. Marinate overnight or at least 2hrs. add upto Cook on BBQ bars for larger pieces of meat. Reserving a little marinade to baste the meat as it is BBQ’ing. OR Stir-fry smaller pieces of meat and let all moisture evaporate/reduce. Then let the remaining oil fry and caramelise the meat.  Serve with pita bread, shredded iceberg lettuce, Tabbouleh or fresh mint & parsley , sliced tomato, sliced Spanish onions, plain Greek yoghurt or tzatziki. Serve with Sambal Oz for those like more chilli. Delicious. Garlic bread #1 Spread Greek Oz on crusty bread (Ciabatta is great) & grill or toast in sandwich press. Eat “as is” or top with bruschetta mix. (sliced tomato, diced salad onion, sliced basil leaves, olives, olive oil & lemon juice.) Char leg of lamb Greek style in pitta wrap (click)  Garlic prawns/white seafood One jar will marinade 2 -2.5 kg.  Make sure the prawns and seafood are dry when adding marinade to avoid getting a soupy marinade, Coat smaller pieces of seafood and larger pieces for up to an hour or so.  BBQ or stir-fry in a hot wok til cooked. taste & season with sea salt Neapolitan pasta/pizza sauces 1. Get a 680gm bottle of tomato passatta/sugo/puree and add1/3 to a half jar of Greek Oz and season with slat to taste. Shake well 2. Dice 750gm fresh tomatoes or use 2 can of whole or diced tomatoes then add 1/3 Jar Greek Oz  Season with salt to taste. Absolute delicious pasta sauce. 3. Easy Bolognaise sauce- serves 6-10 Brown 500gm of of beef, lamb or chicken mince in some olive oil in a pan. add 1/2 jar or Greek  Oz. Add  500gm fresh or puréed tomato. Season with salt to taste. Serve on cooked pasta and parmesan cheese. Garlic & herb butter 40gm/ 3-4 Tblspn Greek Oz to 250 gm of softened butter . You can simply mix the  softened butter & Greek Oz or better still whip the butter up in a mixer and add the Greek Oz. Put in container with lid or roll up in cling wrap Use for garlic bread, on steaks, chicken or veggies etc. Optional, add a little fresh chopped parsley and grated parmesan cheese Plate sop Garlic bread (Click) Greek garlic Fetta & Olive dip (Click) Greek universal dressing (click) Garlic roast veggies/ potatoes. Toss through 2 kg of veggies or potatoes add 1 tspn of salt per kg, Then roast. Delicious Toss though cooked vegetables Add to meat balls, soups, sauces, pasta and dips.   
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