Wednesday August 15th Supporting small family owned fresh food business’s is a very powerful thing to do. Your purchases have far reaching & deep ramifications. Ultimately supporting family farmers, wholesalers, distributors & retailers. All of whom all work very hard to bring you quality and freshness. The duopoly of Woolworths & Coles are currently trying to take market share from this group of dedicated people. This is what has transpired in England, in that there are not many small food business left and many-a Brit don’t like it. The end result is these powerful food retailers hold your food power in their hands. They can give you what they want, and what price they want. NO BODY DESERVES THIS TOTALITARIAN RESPONSIBILITY, but a diverse market place. Too much power leads to corruption and an inward, self interested view of world food systems. Big food companies want to rule & control world food resources. Locally run fruit and vegetable retailers and butchers are a vital link supplying locally grown, seasonal produce to locals in a sustainable future. Don’t let them slip away to the food power brokers  support them.
Friday August 31st  Food & Diets ain’t what they used to be. Simpler diets for sustainable food and healthier eating          W hen   we   look   at   it,   throughout   the   history   of   humanity,   food   has   never   been so   widely   travelled   and   over   processed   as   now.   Our   diets   are   in   effect   have become   very   complicated,   comprising   of   hundreds,   if   not   thousands   of   extra   ingredients compared     to all   our   previous   generations.   Then   there’s   the   additional   plethora   of   new   food   additives;   new   chemical   driven   food processors and agri-chemicals.          Hind   site   has   shown   us   there   have   plenty   of   man-made   food   disasters   including   early   poly   unsaturated margarines   &   fats   (dangerous   trans-fatty   acid   levels   that   caused   heart   disease   rather   than   control   it);   artificial sweeteners   (that   caused   cancers   and   brain   tumours)   and   many   more.   There   will   be,   very   possibly,   more   to   come. History   has   already   shown   us   most   of   these   bad   food   outcomes,   once   remedied,   by   enlarge,   get   swept   under   the carpet, albeit for more science & food meddling.          Modern   man   is   also   demanding   tastier   foods   and   the   fast   food   and   food   processing   industry   is   there   to   cater   and promote   sweet   &   sour,   often   calorie   rich,   de-nutritionalized   mushy   processed   food.   An   unhealthy   outcome   for many who can’t control a healthy diet          Another   sad   fact,   in   a   land   of   plenty   clean,   fresh,   simple   food,   is   that   more   food   and   ingredients   are   being imported.   Foreign,   uncontrolled   food   environments   and   processors   are   tainting   Australian   food   supply   chains. Making food riskier to eat than ever.          Moreover   food   allergies   and   food   sensitivities   are   on   the   rise,   begging   the   question   are   our   bodies   dealing   with this new generation of food and diets          We   really   don’t   know   what   we   are   doing   to   our   diets   when   we   remove   ourselves   from   simple   local   diets   of   the old   school.   Countless   generations   of   families   eating   a   repetitive   diet   of   simple   minimally   processed   grains,   beans, nuts & seeds; fresh meat meats and vegetables. Now this          The   goods   news   is   that   with   focussed   informed   shopping   and   simple   cooking   methods   we   still   can   get   pretty close to an old school diet. kiss, keep it simple stupid  
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