General cooking with Black Magic
Red Toga is another brand (I had to start) and is based on a less strict ingredient criteria than of the high standards set down in the Mike’s Premium products. But I like this one a lot so I had to make it. Black Magic contains 27% imported soya sauce that wasn’t available as an Ozzie ingredient. It does however contain 73% Australian & fresh ingredients. Instant Asia to any dish. best place bottle upside down for 10 minutes then shake to disperse ginger. Powerful, use sparingly. Goes along way. Use as a salad dressing drizzle lightly on crispy garden/Asian salad vege. Great combined with seafood great as a seafood BBQ basting liquid Dipping sauce  for yum cha, spring rolls, cold rolls, & sushi/sashimi etc Straight from bottle on meats, seafood's or steamed vegetables, beans and lentils. As you would use tomato sauce. Try sparingly first, then add more if you want. Sambal stir-fry (click) Stir-fry finishing Use sparingly. 1 x 300gm bottle  4kg of meat/vege noodle combination, (serves 8 - 12) Serve with omelet, instant Asia - particularly good with An Asian omelette made with Asian fermented sausage, bean shoots, spring onion, finely julienne of carrot & daikon radish. Serve with coriander leaves. As marinade/BBQ  for thinner meats & vegetables               Pour just enough out of the bottle to just coat thinner cuts meats or seafood. Fry, Grill or BBQ. Towards the end of cooking pour a little over the meat or seafood then turn to fry and caramelise. Repeat on other side. Take off heat and drizzle a little over meat before serving. Serve with Asian salads & herbs. Nasi Goreng - Indonesian fried rice (click) Mee Goreng -  Indonesian fried noodles(click) Slow roasted pork belly, cabbage and cashews (click)   Hot & Sour soup (click) Pad Thai (click)
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