Mike was bought up by alternative thinking parents, who in their teenage years endured extremely challenging food shortages (World War 2 in Holland). Mike was lucky enough to have bought up in the 60’s in outer suburban Adelaide where life and food was still a relativity simple existence. There were no fast food outlets (expect for the local fish & chip shop) and most folk had a vegetable patch out of necessity and the love of nutritious clean food. The Italians next door neighbour made wine, small goods & tomato passatta to last throughout the year.  Many in the neighbourhood baked their own bread. Ah those aromas. He just can’t forget the epiphany of tasting my first Chinese, Mexican, Thai etc.      So food has moved him since he remembers and family life was rejoiced by eating simple, yet enriching foods for his mother Rita was a passionate cook. and also way ahead of her time instilling in him the benefits of nutrition and simple eating.   Mike fell in love with cooking since 13yrs old, and so, it was  somewhat inevitable he ended up in the food arena. So it was natural for Mike to spend his life serving food with extroverted creativity.   Obtaining diplomas in Hospitality Management as well as Food Technology.   Mike worked in fine dining for 15years and  even started three hot dog machines on the streets and night clubs of Sydney (Designer Dogs). Spending two years in food photojournalism on ethical foods, starting several micro food business;  working 10 years for household food brands in NPD (new product development) and food hygiene has made Mike what he is.  A food critic seeking ethical and safer foods in an increasingly commoditized, processed and unethical food world. Driven by unbounded curiosity Mike has learnt much & provides consultancy & service in Food Photo Journalism - food styling, graphic artist, photography & words Cooking lessons, demonstrator & food educator   Food Technology - food hygiene, legislation & nutrition Graphic design & Web design, contributor Spruiking & sales (for ethical and nutritional products)
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